Alpine Summits Dog Sledding Expedition – 8 days

  • Activity Level 6/8
  • Duration 8 days
  • Distance 200 km

Venture off the beaten track. This 8-day expedition follows trails above tree line, where wide-open skies mean a good chance of seeing brilliant northern lights. We’ll be camping along the way, carrying canvas tents and wood stoves and living 24/7 with our huskies. Enjoy relaxed evenings by the campfire and get a feel for traditional ways of living on the land.


  1. Day 1 Introduction to dog sledding and first ride in the mountains

    Welcome to Whitehorse. Before we leave the capital, we’ll do a quick gear check and use this chance to pick up any last-minute items. Then it’s up to the ranch to meet your dog team and get an introduction to the principles of dog sledding. After a good lunch, your guide will teach you how to harness and set up the dogs and we’ll go for our first ride, covering up to 20 km in the superb mountains of the Mendenhall river valley. Back in the dog yard, you’ll learn how to prepare food and feed your team (the perfect way to bond with your dogs). Dinner in the evening will include wild game or fish and will be followed by some background on the science and culture of mushing in Yukon and Alaska. Outside, keep an eye out for northern lights, as we are in a prime location to observe them or just install yourself in our cozy log cabin for a good night of sleep.

  2. Day 2 Build your skills up by mushing in the alpine

    Today you’ll develop your mushing skills even more during a full 30-km day, passing frozen lakes, valleys and peaks and stopping partway to enjoy a lunch by a campfire.

    Back at the ranch, you’ll get to put your new dog care skills to use and to get to know each other even more. After a warm coffee or tea, we’ll gather the expedition gear together and prepare for our upcoming journey in the wild. Once we are prepped, you get to choose your favorite dog to bring in for the evening. After another delicious dinner, you can retreat to quite log cabin.

  3. Day 3-4 Visit the northern Tundra

    On Day 3 we’ll pack our sleds and hit the trail for the next 6 days. From the ranch, we’ll head into wide open tundra surrounded by several peaks that rise above 2100m. This is woodland caribou habitat, so keep an eye out for small herds. At night, learn how to make a comfortable winter camp at our carefully chosen campsites, and watch for northern lights moving across the night sky. Siting by a warm camp fire, your guide will talk about the various landforms left by the rich glacial past of this unique area we’ll be travelling in.

  4. Day 5-6 Follow the tracks of local wildlife

    After four days with only your huskies to depend on, it’s impossible not to feel respect and gratitude for these incredible animals. On Day 5 and 6 we’ll leave the tundra and follow the Watson River from its headwaters down into prime moose and lynx habitat. We’ll spend one night by an old trapper’s cabin by the river and learn about trapping, as your guide teaches you to read the snow for what the tracks can tell us about wildlife.


  5. Day 7-8 Mush in the alpine plateaus

    By now dog mushing comes naturally. On Day 7 we’ll head above tree line again to reach Alligator Lake and the Coal Lake plateau. This area has rich indigenous history deeply linked to the landforms it contains. In the evening you’ll discover some practical bush living tips during a quick workshop on winter survival with your guide. On the last day, we’ll stop for photos on a plateau overlooking Fish Lake for a final grand vista, then head down to the ranch and to your hotel in town for a hot shower and a celebratory dinner.

    Note: The itinerary may vary according trail and weather conditions, changes in regulations and guests’ fitness level.

Northern lights in Yukon
Dog Sledding - Log Cabin
Dog Sledding - Cozy warm campfire



From December to April


$5795 CAD + GST


Hotel (1 night)

Log cabin (2 nights)

Wood-heated tent (4 nights)

Items included in the tour price

Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Meals at the Ranch and on the trail (see exceptions in the Not included section)
  • All accommodation (Ranch, trail, Whitehorse)
  • All camping gear: canvas tent, wood stove, cot, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow
  • All cooking gear including pots, utensils, plates
  • An exclusive dog team (4 to 6 dogs)
  • All dog sledding supply: sleds, dog food, harness
  • Guiding services
  • All immersive activities: Dog sledding history, Interpretation of glacial landscapes, Northern lights viewing, Animal tracks identification and Winter survival workshop
  • Sanitary and hygiene goods: towel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer

Items not included in the tour price

Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • First night at the hotel on day of arrival in Whitehorse (Day 0)
  • Celebratory dinner in town on the last day (Day 8)
  • Breakfast on Day 1
  • Arctic Winter Clothing (Available on rental)
  • Base personal clothing (Required gear list)
  • Alcoholic beverages: We provide transportation to local micro brewing and liquor stores
  • Gratuity (tips)