We specialize in high-quality, multi-day dog sledding expeditions with a real taste of northern life. Please note that we offer a limited number of trips each year with a maximum of four guests.

Dog sled
Adventure at your doorstep

Explore Mushing – 3 or 4 days

Relax into the rhythms of our northern lifestyle. Learn how to mush your own dog team and to care of your fellow huskies. Share the day with your dogs exploring the stunning area…

Trapper tent
A step beyond

Alpine Summits Expedition – 7 days

Venture off the beaten track. This seven-day expedition follows trails up above the tree line, where wide-open skies mean a good chance of seeing brilliant northern lights. We’ll be camping…

Dog mushing
An infinite playground

Nakhu Expedition – 10 days

“Nakhu” in southern Tutchone means “where the waters narrow.” This is the traditional name for the place where  the Primrose River and Kusawa Lake meet, a gateway to the rugged…

Blue eyes
A full immersion

Shakwak Expedition – 14 days

Our longest expedition, this 300-kilometre odyssey is a step back in time. As the Tlingit word “Shakwak” suggests, we’ll be dog sledding “between the mountains” into a remote and roadless…