Nakhu Expedition – 10 days

from $4,995.00
  • Activity Level 5/8
  • Duration 10 days/10 nights
  • Distance 225km

“Nakhu” in southern Tutchone means “where the waters narrow.” This is the traditional name for the place where  the Primrose River and Kusawa Lake meet, a gateway to the rugged mountains of the Boundary Range and the beginning of our expedition. Over the course of ten days you’ll visit remote cabins, meet a storyteller from the local First Nation, camp in traditional canvas tents, and build a close relationship with your team of huskies.


  1. Day 1-2 Get introduced to the art of mushing

    We’ll use Day 1 and 2 to get to know your dog team and get comfortable with the art of mushing. From the ranch at Fish Lake, we’ll head up into the high plateaus of the surrounding mountains on three- to five-hour runs. In the evening, learn about Yukon dog sledding history, put on old-time leather harness on your favorite dog and take the chance to relax in our log cabin.

  2. Day 3 Meet the First People

    In the morning we’ll pack the gear and drive about two hours to our trailhead at Kusawa Lake, where we’ll make our first camp. On the late afternoon we’ll meet our special guest from the nearby native village, who will introduce you to the area and share some of his people’s stories by our campfire. Enjoy your first night in a canvas tent with a warm wood stove and a comfy sleeping bag.

  3. Day 4-6 Travel across glacial lakes and valleys

    Over the next three days we’ll travel 90 kilometres up the steep-sided glacial valley of Kusawa Lake. Noah’s Peak towers 1600 meters above the trail, and Dall sheep and caribou make their home in the highlands. We’ll stop for one night at a cabin and spending another night near the site of a traditional fishing camp. On Day 6 we’ll explore the narrow valley of Takhini Lake and continue our way up to a mountain lake, where we’ll stay for two nights in an old trapper’s cabin.

  4. Day 7 Take a rest!

    This is a rest day. We’ll give our dogs a break, and enjoy a nice relaxed breakfast in the morning. The afternoon is a chance to explore the area, collect some herbs for making tea, practice traditional bush living skills, and tend to our dogs. Caring for your husky friends will come naturally as you’ll be intimately acquainted with them at this point of the journey.

  5. Day 8-10 Drive your team across the wild habitats

    The next three days bring us through the valleys of Rose Lake and Mud Lake, a wide and elevated corridor that is a prime habitat for woodland caribou. This glacier-sculpted plateau produces its own high-pressure micro-climate, which means two nights of typically clear skies and a good chance of seeing northern lights. A pack of wolves lives here through the winter and we often hear them howling in the night, though seeing one is a rare treat. On Day 10, we’ll leave the tundra and travel the last 24 km to arrive back at the ranch. After eight days on the trail, we’ll head to town for a warm bath and a fine dinner to celebrate.



From December to April


$4995 CAD + GST


Hotel (1 night)
Cabin (5 nights)
Wood-heated tent (4 nights)

Items included in the tour price

Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • All meal from Day 1 to Day 10, except breakfast on Day 1 and dinner on Day 10
  • Accommodation at the ranch and on the trail, including the last night at the hotel
  • All camping gear: canvas tent, wood stove, cot, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow
  • All cooking gear including pots, utensils, plates
  • An exclusive dog team (4 to 6 dogs)
  • All dog sledding supply: sleds, dog food, harness
  • Guiding services
  • Special activities fees: guest speaker, hot spring, museum, interpretative center
  • Sanitary and hygiene goods: towel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer

Items not included in the tour price

Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • First night at the hotel on day of arrival in Whitehorse (Day 0)
  • Celebratory dinner in town on the last day (Day 10)
  • Breakfast on Day 1 and 11
  • Arctic Winter Clothing (Available on rental)
  • Base personal clothing (Required gear list)
  • Alcoholic beverages: We provide transportation to local micro brewing and liquor stores
  • Gratuity (tips)