The Seven Valleys Dog Sledding Expedition – 11 Days

  • Activity Level 6/8
  • Duration 11 days
  • Distance 250 km

Get into the rhythm of an extended dog sledding expedition. This immersive 11-day, 250-km journey includes a continuous nine-day expedition in pristine Yukon wilderness with a layover of two nights in a comfortable log cabin halfway through the tour. Learn the fundamentals of dog sledding and dog care early in your journey (days 1 and 2) and progressively become a member of your own dog team. By travelling through a series of seven valleys, we will explore a wide variety of landscapes from frozen lakes to sub-alpine tundra, through mountain passes and boreal forest. With our high latitude and our open views, the chances of seeing spectacular northern lights are quite good. * As this tour is meant to be an immersive experience, your guide will introduce you to Yukon’s natural history and glacial past, animal tracks and vegetation identification, sled dog history and dogs’ abilities, and winter survival skills.  Discover an infinite environment, a way of life and an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.


  1. Day 1-2 Introduction to dog sledding and first ride in the Fish Lake valley

    We’ll start by building your mushing skills over the course of two day-trips (20-30 km each) into the mountains surrounding the ranch. Relaxed evenings are a chance to rest, sample local beer and wild foods, observe northern lights* and learn more about the culture and history of dog sledding. At night enjoy our quiet comfy log cabin. By Day 2, you’ll have a feel for the unique Yukon dog sledding experience and should be well prepared for the expedition ahead.

  2. Day 3-5 Travel and live in the alpine

    The next three days will bring us through the valleys of Fish Lake, Mud Lake and Rose creek, a wide and elevated corridor that is a prime habitat for woodland caribou. This glacier-sculpted plateau produces its own high-pressure micro-climate, which typically means clear skies and a good chance of seeing northern lights. A pack of wolves live here through the winter and we often hear them howling in the night, though seeing one is a rare treat.

    At the end of the day, you’ll work with your guide to make a comfortable winter camp for people and dogs. Our home at night is a warm, wood-heated tent with top-of-the-line camping equipment to ensure your comfort. Your group of dogs will be yours to care for during your stay with us. We’ll show you our dog care camp routine (preparing dog food, feeding, making straw bedding, and putting on dog coats), and help you to do it, in order to deepen your bond with your team.

    On Day 5, we’ll travel over a mountain pass to reach lower elevations and the alpine forest of the Watson river valley. On the way you’ll learn about the glacial past of this unique area and how to identify different northern vegetation types. After 5 days living and traveling with your dogs, you’ll start to feel a true connection arising.

  3. Day 6-7 Going down a glacial valley

    For the next two days, we will travel in the boreal forest into a typical glacial “U” shaped valley to reach the beautiful valley of Annie Lake surrounded by peaks towering 1200m above the lake. On the trail, you’ll get to learn more about the sled dog metabolism and discover what makes them such great athletes. On Day 7 we’ll arrive at a cozy log cabin, our comfortable headquarters for two nights and our day off. Don’t miss the chance to jump into the sauna and relax.

  4. Day 8 Take a rest!

    This is your day to sleep in! Start with a hearty Canadian-style breakfast, then pamper your hardworking dogs. Caring for your husky friends will come naturally as you’ll be intimately acquainted with them at this point of the journey. In the afternoon, take part in a winter survival workshop in the forest and in the welcome our special guest, a local First Nation friend, who will introduce us to Yukon First Nation culture and traditions.

  5. Day 9-10 Discover Alligator Lake and Coal Lake Valleys

    Well rested, our route will now take us through the high elevation valleys of Alligator Lake and Coal Lake. This diversified mountainous environment with its sparse boreal forest and alpine tundra is a natural habitat for caribou, ptarmigan, moose, lynx, ermine and wolverine, so keep an eye out for wildlife. Your guide will also teach you how to identify various animal tracks. In the evening, be ready for stunning sunsets as these sceneries are some of the greatest around. Keep your camera nearby later on because as well because northern lights could be seen again tonight. The warm tent will be our home for two nights

  6. Day 11 The last miles before civilization

    Enjoy a last relaxed breakfast by a camp fire and get ready to tackle the last day travelling with your dogs. We’ll travel up to higher elevations and then go down a smooth mountain notch toward our original valley, Fish Lake. On what we call the Fish Lake plateau, the stunning view will for sure trigger a feeling of accomplishment: you and your dogs made it, a real 250 km dog sled expedition in the Yukon! Back at the ranch, we’ll take care of the dogs and reward them, then head to town for a hot shower and a celebratory dinner!

    *The presence of northern lights cannot be guaranteed.

    Note: The itinerary may vary according trail and weather conditions, changes in regulations and guests’ fitness level

Dog sledding at sunset
Purple northern lights over a lake
Dog Sledding - Warm wood heated tent
Dog Sledding - Log Cabin



From December to April


$8595 CAD + GST


Hotel (1 night)
Log cabin (4 nights)
Wood-heated tent (6 nights)

Items included in the tour price

Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • All meal from Day 1 to Day 11 (see exceptions in the Not-included section)
  • Accommodation in Whitehorse (hotel) and on the trail (Log cabin and wood heated tent)
  • All camping gear: canvas tent, wood stove, cot, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow
  • All cooking gear including pots, utensils, plates
  • An exclusive dog team (4 to 6 dogs)
  • All dog sledding supply: sleds, dog food, harness
  • Guiding services
  • All immersive activities: Dog sledding history, Interpretation of glacial landscapes, Northern lights viewing, Plant identification, Sled dog unique metabolism, Winter survival workshop, Meeting with First Nations and Animal tracks identification
  • Sanitary and hygiene goods: towel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer

Items not included in the tour price

Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • First night at the hotel on day of arrival in Whitehorse (Day 0)
  • Celebratory dinner in town on the last day (Day 11)
  • Breakfast on Day 1
  • Arctic Winter Clothing (Available on rental)
  • Base personal clothing (Required gear list)
  • Alcoholic beverages: We provide transportation to local micro brewing and liquor stores
  • Gratuity (tips)